About Mykel Ankyn

Mykel Ankyn is an American Designer who lives and works in the United States.  After a long and fruitful career in Architecture for a Fortune-500 company, Mr. Ankyn turns his eye to designing scarves as a personal expression of creativity and reverence.  All work is entirely original to Mr. Ankyn and is dedicated and inspired by all of the many women who have shaped his world and helped him understand his place in it.


“A deep appreciation of others and oneself sometimes comes at great costs.  During my corporate career, I completely lost my personal life balance in the pursuit of company objectives. Eventually, the 45 hour weeks became 65 hour weeks, along with missed holidays, birthdays, kids growing up, essentially all of those things that makes life worth living.   In the end, it took a date with cancer and 18 months of chemotherapy along with its severe side effects of vomiting every single day to wake me up.  As I sat in the infusion center each week, I noticed all of the women there and how resilient they were.  Most patients were very hopeful to make it through this unworldly experience they were going through.  These souls gave me great strength.  Over time I lost all body hair and most of the hair on my head, and for almost six months I began to think I just might not make it, but every week these frail but stoic heroes battled alongside me. They became my family, my support system. They told me I could beat it and I did survive. Upon recovery, I left that corporate career behind, and now I produce scarves.  I hope they bring hope and healing.  I most desire they bring honor to the wearer.  I want them to be special and not mass produced.  I want my scarves to become heirloom pieces, handed down generation to generation in honor of the life that is given to make it and the precious effort that hand stitched the rolled hem.”       ---- Mykel Ankyn, 2015

Scarves are worn by anyone of any age or nationality.  It is the most basic of clothing and is ubiquitous in every culture.  Silk is one of the most durable natural fibers known.  Discovered by a woman, Xi Lingshi, a beautiful empress in China.  Xi Lingshi cleverly developed the art of sericulture and silk production was born.   Unlike any other fiber used until that time silk has almost magical properties full of beautiful surprises.  The sheen generated by light passing through the prismatic structure of the silk protein is unlike any other woven material.  Extremely light but difficult to penetrate, silk has been used in military wear.  No wonder this versatile piece of fabric continues to please us to this day.

Mykel Ankyn produces his art on four types of silk that of the highest quality.  These materials are silk satin, silk habotai, silk chiffon, and silk crepe de chine. Each of these materials has unique properties and have a long history of silk production.The images are produced individually just like a giclee on fine art paper providing a unique but highly detailed reproduction of the original work.  Depending on the product line, scarves are either machine hemmed (for durability and everyday wear), or they are hand rolled with very tiny stitches (delicate handwork best dry cleaned).   Hand rolled hemming is a disappearing art, and it is easy to understand why. Scarves that are 36 inches (92cm) or under can be done within an hour by an experienced seamster.  Larger wraps and shawls can take up to four hours to hem by hand with some breaks of course.  

All work is designed by Mykel Ankyn and currently available only at www.mykelankyn.com.


Our scarves are produced in small batches of 55 scarves or less due to the stringent quality control (Mr. Ankyn can be picky), current product demand, and the fact that workers need to have a balanced life. Most of our team have five weeks of vacation this year.  That might seem like a lot to some, but their fingers need the rest believe me.  We are not a mass production factory but a small production cottage. Scarves produced our very best and a wide range of choices for all budgets. The chances of ever running into anyone wearing your style of a Mykel Ankyn scarf has to be extremely low because of our intentional business model to produce many designs but limited quantities.  All of our hand-rolled scarves are limited edition items intended as an heirloom.  The edition size can be as little as 12 scarves or as high as 250 scarves of a single design. Our scarves do not come with tags since that is just one more thing to remove. Care instructions included in the lovely bespoke packaging. All scarves have the Mykel Ankyn logo tastefully located so you do not have to sport it but it does serve as validation of product, and all scarves have them. Limited Edition Scarves are always hand rolled, come with a signed certificate of authenticity (COA), and a sturdy box suitable for storage between wears.