About the Mykel Ankyn Scarf

Product Line Comparison

It is important to note that a Mykel Ankyn Scarf is individually handmade and therefore a commitment to human labor is invested in every single scarf.   Scarves are all we produce, and they are expressions of gratitude, as well as, income for our family of workers.  We are a small cottage industry.  Our scarves are not products of pure industrial automation, and as such there will be slight variances between scarves.  These variances should not be noticeable to the buyer because all of our scarves go through a rigorous five-step quality assurance process before arriving at your address.  Quality takes time, but it shouldn't take forever with practice.  Our edition sizes are low, and our production batches are small.  We prefer to offer more choices and limited productions.  This approach is not as cost effective as mass production, but with our approach, production wastes are negligible thus savings are realized by the consumer.  We believe waste harms the planet, so all designs, packaging, and materials are optimized to provide the most for the least overall costs. When you purchase a Mykel Ankyn Scarf, it is shipped directly from our cottage. Be assured the scarf you receive is pristine and never worn by anyone before it arrives at your address.  It is a unique creation just for you.  What about returns? From our experience returns are rare but when do happen we merely dry-clean the scarf and reserve it for our annual charity donation.  


The Cub Scarf and The Limited Edition Scarf


Mykel Ankyn produces sizes optimized around production.  These formats have been developed to ensure the most cost efficient use of silk material.  Waste avoidance is a moral choice for the environment and everyone in it.  Utilizing these principles enables us to provide the most material at reasonable production costs.  Silk material is precious and tedious to produce.  The finished material widths determine the most efficient sizes.  The majority of our designs follow this principle with few exceptions for special events,  corporate gifts, weddings, engagements, and other bespoke services.


Mykel Ankyn Cub Scarf

The Ankyn Cub Scarf is our most economical line of scarves and can take some abuse since the finishing is machine hemmed flat.  The finished hem is so tight you might think it was hand done.  It is not, but it is tightly machine finished, so hand washing and frequent wears are well handled by these scarves. 
Cub Scarves are produced on these silks:
  • Habotai
  • Chiffon
  • Silk Modal
  • Silk Cotton



All scarves are machine hemmed flat.


Scarves are shipped in presentation ready Scarf Envelopes with Tissue Paper, invoices left outside of the packaging. 


Ankyn Cub Scarves come in these popular sizes for designer silk.


Ankyn Limited Edition Scarf  


The Mykel Ankyn Limited Edition Scarf is the heart of our art and production.  Each scarf is produced by hand taking several weeks to prepare a small run of fifty scarves.  These exquisite works are created on the following timeless natural materials:   
  • Silk Habotai
  • Silk Satin
  • Silk Chiffon
  • Silk Crepe de Chine
  • Silk Bamboo and Cashmere Blends


  • Timeless, high-quality hand rolled hem
  • Frey Hems (rarely)
  • High contrast hem roll colors to beautifully frame your scarf


    Ankyn Limited Edition Scarves come in these popular sizes for designer silk.


    Limited Edition Size Comparisons


    Since every work is a labor of love, all scarves are serialized and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Please rest assured the quality and timelessness of this purchase guarantees an heirloom item when reasonable care is taken with the scarf.


    Each scarf comes gift ready in executive style packaging.  The sturdy box should be retained with special glassine paper to preserve your investment between wears.  

    Image of Packaging Shot

    Ankyn Signature Edition Scarf  

    • Habotai
    • Silk Satin
    • Chiffon
    • Crepe de Chine
    • Bamboo Silk
    • Silk Linen


      • Printed Logo
      • Certificate of Authenticity Custom Embossed Seal
      • Signed by Mykel Ankyn 
      • Registered Purchase
      • From 50 scarves to 500 scarves produced per design.


      • Scarf signed by Mykel Ankyn
      • Hand painted 14K Gold areas
      • Certificate of Authenticity Custom Embossed Seal

      Product Care

      A silk scarf can endure many miles before cleaning.  The smooth, slick surface naturally resists dirt. However, oils or accidental spills need attention.  While many scarf wearers hand laundry, they know what they are doing.  In my opinion, scarves must be dried flat otherwise stretching occurs.  To dry flat assumes an ample space is available.  Not worth the risk or trouble in my opinion but still for those who prefer to hand laundry you will notice no color bleeding if you do.  The scarf is already washed, steamed and pressed when you receive it.  So if you do hand wash it and it is just all over the place with fine wrinkles a light (cool) iron will take care of those creases.   
      That being said, Dry Cleaning is always recommended for any scarf we sell to ensure the highest quality cleaning and preservation of your investment.  You do want it to last when you consider the enormous effort to produce it.